Any wedding can actually be an exciting experience for most people. However, up to the time that it actually happens, plans can really go crazy. Even on the day of the wedding itself, many things can go completely wrong. Certain important aspects need to be kept in place, such as the use of a dedicated email address. The best way is to always proceed in an organised fashion, which is always easier said than done. There are beautiful colors of pens and binders that can be prepared after the engagement, as explained in this video. Several ideas have been mentioned in this clip, and you can use the ones relevant to yourself.

A wedding is considered as an important aspect of life and is the most beautiful of moments one can cherish while getting married. One can even get in the wedding business where he/she has to plan it from the scratch till the knot is tied up. It’s quite difficult to manage all the planning at once, but if hired the right wedding planner, one can make it a moment to remember for a lifetime. If you aren’t looking for a planner, you can learn simple steps through which you’ll be able to proceed with the wedding planning. This blog has many posts like this which will end up in teaching you one thing or the other. Learn the 10 steps for a successful wedding through this video. this awesome information has been shared on this blog by We click speed dating events Melbourne

Once a wedding date is decided, it is imperative to start the process of wedding planning. One must not leave planning for the last moment. An important part such as the venue has to be necessarily booked in advance, as you may not get the venue at a later date. Choice of venue will mostly depend on the available ambience and theme. Space available for your guests is also very important. It is the lack of space which prevented Helen Anderson from booking a particular venue, as described in this video. She states how she surfed around the Internet to find some means that would make her wedding really unique.

A wedding ceremony is as much a thing social and cultural, as it celebrate the personal bond that is formed between the two people. We have a long list of eager guests – relatives, friends and acquaintances with their blessings, whom you would love to treat warmly (and of course they do expect you to!). YouBeTheWeddingPlanner is created and run by passionate planners and designers. Every single bit of the day has to be carefully crafted from speciality wedding cakes to the photographer! 

So before getting the bells ringing, you can go through our informative write-ups providing with dos and don’ts, inspiring sample pictures to help with the dresses and decoration, and videos-tutorials to learn tips and get creative ideas. A video has been given here, watch it for some tips you might need while planning your wedding yourself.

Wedding planning is definitely a big job, one that is done over several months. Several aspects have to be handled, including venue, seating for guests, wedding theme, dresses for bride and groom, food and wine. Of course, all this has to be done within a limited budget. This video shows a couple of wedding planners in action, setting up the venue. It says how one of them decided to take up the career of a wedding planner. Wedding planning is a challenge, and it is often this challenge that motivates the planners to do well. They are also excited about meeting new people.

As sure is the excitement that comes along when someone close among friends or family is taking their vows, or it is your own special day coming, planning for it is a great task at hand. So for people out there wishing to involve themselves in planning things out for an upcoming wedding, here’s one blog to learn more about the task and impress your guests. From hairstyles to dresses, inviting guests and serving them, find helpful tips to get the best delivered and make the day an unforgettable one. A video is given here with tips and guidelines on how to plan a wedding.

With fussy guests, brimming budget lists and pending bookings all around you, wedding planning is certainly a difficult enterprise that you might have recently got yourself engaged in. If this is the case, is here at your rescue. Our blog has articles that’ll help you at all places you are most likely or least likely to get yourself stuck while planning a wedding. As the day for you or a friend or relative walking down the aisle nears, you can manage efficiently everything ranging from invitations, receptions or dresses for making it a cherishable day for the couple and guests. There is a video given here, where some of the passionate pros in wedding planning talk about their vocation.

A wedding day is a special day in your life which allows everyone around you to join in your celebrating. A dream come true weeding is a big fat weeding for everyone. It’s a big plan staring from functions before wedding and on the present day and planning the reception. You need to manage all starting from invitation, venues, catering and many more other than this. It’s a hectic schedule. By managing all this you just can’t enjoy the best day of your life. So just cheer yourself and get rid of this by arranging a wedding planner who will look into this.


Having a grand wedding ceremony is everyone’s dream. A wedding day is a special day which allows everyone to join you in celebrating a blissful life waiting right around the corner. Usually, a wedding ceremony is followed by a reception or a party, where people have some of the best cuisines based on the preference of the bride and groom – and there is always a cake. But which flavor of cake should you buy? How should you plan the wedding? Get all the necessary information from online blogs, that help you to plan your wedding by yourself in an effective way.


Beyond the explicit decoration and poised ceremony of taking your wedding vows awaits a dinner. It is equally important to not just decorate the tables fabulously but also to serve a food that’s delicious to taste and intensifies your appetite at the look of it; In short appropriately garnished well-presented servings. It is very important to discuss the budget along with your preferences to a few short listed caterers and see which one of them serves the purpose more impeccably; it’s always better to explore the available options before fixing a caterer. Often the best service takes a few extra spending. Ask for their speciality themes for table chairs and linen to suit the event as they will offer you what they are best at rather that experimenting for your requirements.